Now’s the time to get it right

It seems to be an ongoing historical tradition in Molong for the continuing dilemma over use of the site along Euchareena Road known as the combined Molong Golf Club/Molong Showground site.

Occupying Crown Land, (however there are pockets that are not) the Molong and district communities are being asked to take a look at the Draft Master Plan for this site as created by consultants after a community meeting held earlier this year where feedback from residents, committee members of the golf club and show society and users of the overall grounds was provided.

Apparently, it was considered to be a controversial meeting, heated at times, which indicates nothing more than the positive ‘passion’ of those who have been long-time members, organisers and committee members of both organisations. Both groups and other users of this natural setting – of land, trees, the beautiful dam, the birdlife, and watching the rising and setting of the sun across the golf course and surrounding farm lands – I’m sure, will agree that this prime recreational space needs to be protected and certainly for the duration (and beyond) of the 20 year finalised Master Plan.

The question is – how can the various groups move forward from strongly held positions.

There is no criticism of any user group which includes several others – Disc Golf, School Sport, Cross-Country running events, caravan parking and camping areas, the odd wedding or birthday party event and other events. Question is? Could there be more usage?

Could more golfers, disc golfers, cross-country events, community events be held at this wonderful location that would benefit the ‘greater good’ of the Molong and district communities? In past times, and when part of the site was purchased from a local farming family … the purpose of the land was said to be, initially, for showground use and horses which included a horse race track used for racing, harness racing and horse training.

Along the way, there was a need for a golf club and greens – and now a caravan park (a great site could be developed) so the usage was and has been extended.

All provided good ideas for a rural town’s growth and recreational development. Whilst horse events are an important part of the Molong Show – could there not be a welcome hand extended to the Molong Pony Club, Campdraft, and perhaps other events e.g. dressage, equestrian etc. and a permanent area/ ring and stand erected for this?

Could the buildings of the Molong Show Society be upgraded to provide better facilities i.e. replacement of the various pavillions/sheds/ showing areas (e.g. cattle, sheep, poultry, birds etc) and food pavillion for the greater good of Molong – providing the opportunity to add more events to the annual and other times calendar from which accommodation and food providers and retailers could benefit from? Could a ‘sports club’ facility for golf, show, new events, horse events etc be built for the greater good of Molong?

Could the coming together via the sports club help to pay for the upkeep of the 18 hole golf course – and all facilities? Would this save the ratepayer considerable $$’s if the ultimate Master Plan for the overall location could be achieved – where all entities work together as ‘one’?

Have your say please residents of Molong and District. Copies of the Draft Master Plan for the showground/golf club can be obtained from Cabonne Council. This is a fantastic opportunity for all families and residents to have their say about what is important to them.

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