Heated indoor pool proposal

Cabonne Council has received correspondence from the Molong Advancement Group (MAG) regarding their investigations into the construction of a heated pool facility in Molong.

A MAG sub committee has been working on the feasibility of a competition size community heated pool facility, estimated to cost $5 – $7  million to be sourced from grants. Before proceeding further, the group requested that council indicate its requirements to support the project.

While it is early stages yet, the Council considered that it would need to have confirmation that the proposed location (opposite Molong Central School in Phillip St was available and not subject to Native Title claim. Before indicating support or not Council considered it would need to fully assess projected annual operating and repair/replacement provision costs.

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1 Comment on "Heated indoor pool proposal"

  1. Pamela Burgess | 01/12/2018 at 12:07 pm | Reply

    While I’m sure an indoor pool would be popular, can you imagine having it next door to or behind your house? Well I can and as a resident who’s house adjoins the proposed area I can’t say I like the idea of the increased noise and traffic at all. There are houses on this block including some that belong to elderly people, do they really deserve to be woken up early by people attending swimming meetings or to deal with a loss of privacy and increased traffic?

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