What’s new @ the Molong Express

A message from the publisher of the Molong Express, Paul Mullins.

Readers will notice that the Molong Express appears to be thinner.

True, that’s because in re-evaluating Molong and District’s community newspaper – and achieving important cost savings, we have had to look at new ways, new ideas, to keep this important 144 years old ‘local’on the newstands and delivered to your door.

Whilst we still publish 16 pages of the Express each Thursday – readers will notice the size is thinner – but now printed in full colour.

What is missing is the liftout ‘Western Magazine’ which our new arrangements preclude. However, 16 pages of colour, of local news, is, we believe a fine outcome. The Western Magazine can be found in other newspapers which our readers also purchase.

We have added new stories, new style to the Molong Express … and soon will be adding more new ideas to benefit our readers, striving to maintain and build our readership base. Both Rozzi and I and the Express contributors look forward to new ideas, new stories, new writers … and more. Enjoy

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