‘New’ news from the Express

Readers will have noticed a few changes to the Molong Express including from those those who find and write the news.
After a recent foot injury and surgery – Rozzi has slowed down from her former role at the Express. “As in any career, organisation or business – knowing when to step-back and hand over a role to new blood is really important” said Rozzi who has worked alongside Express owner, Paul Mullins, for some 15 years.

“Succession planning is critical in the media sector – new writers, new journalists, new photography – new stories -new approaches are all critical components to ensure long-term success of readership, growth and in keeping important independently owned newspapers, like the Molong Express, alive and well.”

“I’ll be working more ‘on’ the business of the Molong Express – rather than ‘in’ the business” said Rozzi. “Which means increasing advertising opportunities, sponsorship, increasing circulation,and further developing what have been new readership growth areas for the Express in recent times.”
The Express has been very fortunate to gain the fantastic Emily Gobourg as part of the team.
A local woman – Emily has hit the ground running and loves working in the Express  and contributing  interviews, photos and stories of people and places in the readership area.
“Emily is a gem” said Rozzi. “She is enthusiastic, loves living in this area, loves the people and the communities … and is an extremely good journalist.”

“Paul (Mullins) continues in his role and together with Emily and fantastic contributing writers – they make a very strong team” said Rozzi.
“Keep an eye out … there’s more news coming about new products and services – via the Molong Express.  It’s exciting!”

By the way – Do you coach or play in one of the many local sporting competitions?. Want a byline as a sports writer? No skills necessary.
We cannot get to the host of games and competitions and need your help.

Just send in your teams results – a photo would be real good too. A brief report mentioning a few names each week would do the trick.
Email molongex@bigpond.net.au or message 0448231180

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