growMOLONG’s Chair reports on progress of the water tank art

Why does it take so long to gain approvals to replace an ugly disused railway water tank with fabulous art? ‘Good question’ will comment the Chair of growMOLONG Les Dean, and members of the group.

Luckily, the long-time (forever in fact) Molong resident and members of the group do not give up on what the wider community considers to be a fabulous idea to brighten up the entrance to Molong.

At this month’s meeting, Les will be able to advise that after 12 months of seeking the approval of the John Holland group (current NSW Government’s contracted railways asset manager) to paint the concrete tank … a positive response has finally been received.

With a grant of $60,000 growMOLONG was able to secure for the project still waiting patiently to be spent in the community organisation’s bank account – time is of the essence for the project to be finalised.

Well done to Les and Julie Dean and growMOLONG members who have never, ever given up on the idea to add public art and the Molong story to the former railways water tank (corner Watson and highway).

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