Molong youth looking for “a place to call our own”

Mia Fitzsimmons and Robert Barnard (with the support of their parents) are wondering if the long-time vacant Police Residence in Edward Street (photographed left) might be made available for local youth.

“We need a place where local kids can meet” said Mia – who at 13 years of age – is willing to help run a centre.
Robert (also 13 years of age) agrees. “There’s plenty to do in Molong if kids play sport. But there’s a lot of kids who don’t (play sport).”
“We need somewhere we can go, a place to call our own, and be together after school, weekends and particularly during school holidays” said Mia.

Whilst Mia and Robert are proud members of Molong’s St. John Cadets and have access to skills building, after school, weekend and school holiday activities – they are both aware of youth in the town who have nowhere to gather and meet – or do activities together.

“If we are going to train our youth to become community leaders and volunteers – I think it is really important for them to start now” said Juarna Barnard.
“David, Robert, our 7 year old daughter, Alice and my mum, Cheryn (Partington) and I love Molong and want to put something back into the community that has welcomed us. We moved here from W.A. less than two years ago. In our first year Robert, Alice, my mum and I were involved in a horror car crash just out of Molong on the Orange road – which left us all with serious injuries requiring hospitalisation in Sydney, Orange and Molong. The local community came to our aid at the accident site and after when we were in hospital – and when we returned home. Our way to say thank-you is to put something back into this wonderful town and community.”
“Together with Rachel (Mia’s mum) we want to support our kids to look at ways to set up a youth centre and to find a place of their own.”
“The vacant house (see page 1) would be fantastic to use” said David. “Even though some say it is condemned. It is a solid building so surely work can be done to it. Some say the same about the former court house – but I’ve seen worse places that have been restored. It would be a shame to lose both buildings to ‘time and lack of maintenance’”.
Rachel agrees with Juarna about using the court house. “We understand that the court house is still set up inside with timber benches, jury box and witness stand.”
“Maybe we can train future leaders (current youth) to hold formalised meetings in the court house. That’s a good way to build Molong’s future leaders

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