Molong Traders meet and talk new ideas

By Rozzi Smith

It’s Q & A time for Molong CBD traders and building owners who came together in May and again earlier this week to brainstorm about the ‘who, what, where, why, when’ questions provided by Molong’s main street.

Led by David Scobie (Heritage Consultant to Cabonne Council) – it’s an interesting process which is sure to provide an even more interesting future.

Let’s not pretend that Molong is staying abreast with same size town main street programs, signage, entrances, shopping precinct and CBD advancements and innovation.

For example, this week the Blayney Council has announced a June Winter Solstice program and rest of year program with each and every village and town in the shire coming together to participate and to hold events. This is a great move by Blayney Council. Molong? Cabonne?

Is it possible to hold such an event (perhaps starting with Christmas in July) in Molong and throughout Cabonne Country??

It’s going to be a ‘never, ever, EVER give up’ project for the Molong traders and building owners who have now come together to figure out some important and long-standing questions about Molong’s CBD.

Working with  the positive and interesting knowledge and experience of David Scobie (who is volunteering his time) – two meetings have already been held where traders and building owners have brainstormed both large and small picture issues.

With other towns forging ahead through MainStreet programs and innovative planning and beautification approaches Molong has not progressed in the way it could.

Why? A whole lot of reasons which has seen the Bank Street precinct come and go  – and today, a street of significant historical buildings – but unfortunately, still defined by a small number of landlords who are either absent – or do not see the investment value of painting and upgrading their buildings. And, traders who do not work together as well as we observe in other towns and villages in real team efforts.
We (traders/building owners) are now working on ideas to improve the entrances to Molong i.e. two on Mitchell Highway, Peabody Road, Manildra Road, Cumnock Road all need to be beautified and the quality of the township and CBD personified.

Bank Street intersection with the highway needs to be better lit and announced.

Crossing Bank St., and the highway to Bank,  needs to be made safer for all users – including the disabled, seniors, children and families.

Features of the town – Fairbridge Drive, the Silos, Rec. Grounds, Railway Station (could be) trees, mainstreet trees??, historical buildings, surrounding landscape need to be fully utilised.

What needs to be added? New business in town? What is needed?  New ideas welcome.

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