Why merge when there is an easier way?

On behalf of Cabonne Amalgamation No Thank You group, spokesperson Marj Bollinger has written to Orange Mayor John Davis seeking clarity in regards to statements attributed to him in the Daily Telegraph 1 December where it stated, “that projects were on hold because of delays – and that the Mountain Bike Centre at Mt Canobolas is among the projects under threat unless Orange, Cabonne and Blayney pooled resources.”

Councillor Davis concluded by saying, “I don’t think there’s a need to backflip but if they’re going to, let’s do it and let’s move on.”
Marj said, “By failing to recognise the outcome of the Orange by-election where the people of Cabonne and Orange resoundingly rejected the Forced Amalgamation of Blayney Cabonne and Orange Councils, Orange Mayor Davis has denied the three autonomous councils the opportunity to work together to develop the Mountain Bike Centre that he is so keen to pursue.

The people of Cabonne share his same frustration in their council of not having the ability to work for them to the extent that they are used to.”
“If these projects could be achieved under a Merged Council, WHY couldn’t the same outcome be achieved through mutual co-operation where the three councils work together and ‘pool resources’ whilst retaining their own identity?

The need for a government ‘back flip’ or not is irrelevant. Let’s just do it and move on by working together for the good of all communities concerned.”
ANTY has also be contacting Cabonne and Blayney mayors whilst waiting for Councillor Davis’ reply” Marj said.

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