Bank St double white lines – is it our fault?

Some say “it’s ridiculous”. Others say “why don’t they extend them (double lines) up the whole Street”.

Well, as promised, we were provided with an informal briefing by Cabonne Council’s chief traffic operative.

Against a background of rising road injuries both Commonwealth and State traffic agencies have been intensifying pressure on local authorities to closely examine local road safety.

There is no doubt that traffic in Molong’s Bank Street shopping strip has markedly increased over the years.

Moreover. observation made of traffic in Bank Street has seen a steady increase in risky behaviour by some. Particularly, pulling out on the wrong side of the road to overtake vehicles reversing into the curb parking bays (which are unmarked) and performing sudden U turns or reversing from one side of the road to the other to secure a vacant spot.

These pose a risk to pedestrians, particularly for seniors, the disabled and children, crossing the street and/or coming out from behind a parked car.
As they say “an ounce of prevention…”

In coming to the decision to introduce double white lines the traffic people were very mindful of the history of the communities resistance to:
• marked parking bays (feedback about bays placed at the top of the street has been fierce).
• placement of a slightly raised pedestrian crossing to permit the many pedestrians wishing to cross in safety.

Options for the location and details for a pedestrian crossing along Bank Street were put on public display by the Council as far back as February 2008 under the then Village Enhancement Program. Which, as it happens, noted that Bank Street (top and lower) was becoming more and more congested over the years with steadily growing traffic, shoppers and pedestrians with safety issues more problematic.

Again, the installation of a pedestrian crossing was fiercely resisted by many residents and business owners alike – despite the fact that marked parking bays would have increased the number of spaces far outweighing the few spaces taken up by a crossing.

A raised crossing would provide a dramatic calming effect on Bank Street traffic (as well as being handy for shoppers  who might otherwise stick to the side of the street they are on).

Well, we can’t say Cabonne Council, didn’t listen to the people – at least the vocal ones. But perhaps it has come at a price.

Is it time to revisit the crossing and marked parking bays?

They work well in other towns across Australia.

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