Molong Swimming Pool – time to get it ‘right’?

To keep faith with the many readers who have contacted the Express (and the pool/council we hope) we again raise some apparent problems at the pool.

Lack of communication could well be the reason for the continuing problems being experienced by regular users. Many of the problems were raised last year. Others can be added for the summer of 2020/2021.

It seems time for the Council to bring together both the operators and regular users to talk about the continuing problems which include the need to upgrade the current cleaning processes of the facilities (e.g. change rooms and toilets), the lack of drinks and food from the kiosk, the loss of pool space for aerobics and other activities, lack of safe steps in and out of the pool for each user group.

It would be ridiculous for this town to move to summer 2021/22 with the same set of problems. Specifically, Council, the operators and user groups (including the large number of non-users) need to be involved in constructive conversation, planning and finally, implementation of key outcomes to obtain better and greater community usage of the pool and facilities – (including a return to early morning AND night swimming, aqua/exercise initiatives, entertainment events etc) to gain a better return for the major stakeholder group i.e. the ratepayers.

Note: Molong’s attendance figures are around half of Canowindra’s. Why? Let’s find out.

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