Banjo’s Molong Pub Poetry Brawl – a HUGE success

Just look at those laughing above!

Congratulations to local organisers led by Jude Taylor who decided to place Molong on the map of the annual Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival with what turned out to be an outrageous, welcoming, good hearted fun night of poetry competitors who positively released themselves out of their long-time comfort zones to write, recite, and act out their tributes to the Aussie poet, story-teller, writer, war correspondent – during last weekend’s Molong Banjo Paterson Australian Poetry Festival.

Held at Kim and Dave Stojanov’s Freemason’s Hotel – (with COVID requirements met) could the night have been any better? “NOOOO” was the response from the audience representing the towns and villages of Cabonne Country, Orange, Sydney, Queensland who travelled to town for the event. See P.9 and videos on Molong Express facebook

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