Help your town – enjoy a cooked meal delivered to your door

The Barnsey’s team are trying to keep their spirits up by helping each other to try and work out how to business survive and keep their doors open and staff employed by selling take-away food options only.

“We’re worried” said owner Jodie Laffin. “We’re like family here and our customers are like family to us.” What worries Jodie and Barnsey’s staff is mainly concern for their local customers. “They love coming here and meeting up with each other for coffee and meals. Then we have our elderly residents who had been having their daily meals here with us most days.”Like other food places in Molong (and in Manildra, Cumnock, Cudal etc) … the Barnseys team can still operate under the current COVID-19 regulations. Take-Away only.

Luckily Molong and surrounds have fantastic cooks in local cafes, pubs, clubs who make the best home-cooked meals that are fresh, nourishing, wholesome and tick the boxes of quality protein, good mix of vegetables, salads and carbs.

Keeping jobs in place at Barnseys, Sweetness, the Telegraph Hotel, Freemasons Hotel, Molong Bakery, BP Servo, Molong RSL Clubetc … and keeping these important local businesses going during the pandemic will rely on residents being prepared to buy take-away a few times a week – home delivered where required.

With Government demanding our communities follow social isolation … WE CAN DO THIS IN MOLONG, MANILDRA, CUMNOCK, CUDAL and all over. And, keep our local businesses going. (Above l to r) Barnseys  team Jodie, Melissa, Naomi, Tanya.

Molong’s Cafes, Pubs, Clubs have found themselves in totally desperate times since the Fed. Government’s ruling for such businesses to close (across Australia) to force social isolation – the only known way right now to prevent the spread of COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

“Fortunately, take-away foods can still be sold” said Rozzi Smith of the Molong Express. “We are lucky in our town and surrounding villages and towns to not only have the traditional take-away meal of fish and chips and hamburgers on local take-away menus. In Molong, Manildra, Cumnock, Cudal – our food places are known for their range of delicious home-style take-away options.

They also practice health department food handling policies – and each staff member adheres to the correct way to wash their hands. Each has a phone in service and happy to deliver to customer doors.

This is the way to adhere to Government’s need for our communities to practice ‘social isolation’.Please- buy in your home-cooked prepared meals and help keep businesses open in Molong and in your town – and staff in jobs.

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