New push for Bank St tree change – survey

The Molong Advancement Group is conducting a commmunity survey seeking input from Molong and District to determine whether it should recommend to Cabonne Council that the Liquidambar trees in Bank Street Molong be removed and replaced by a more appropriate and attractive advanced tree species.

The main issue is the danger posed by seed pods produced and shed by the trees.

Survey sheets will be distributed to Molong housholds asking you to indicate your view on removal and replacement (Yes or No) and hand it in to the Molong Pharmacy, Molong Post Office or post MAG PO Box 263 Molong.

Here we go again !
The dreaded seed pods from the Bank St trees, tripping people up, filling the drains and sweeping seeds into the waterways.

Every year it’s the same. For weeks on end the trees drop their seed pods onto Bank Street. Faster than anyone can clean them up.

Of all the magnificent street trees in the world Molong has been stuck with this one.

The argument has been going on for years.

Back in April 2010 Les Dean, who has knowledge and experience in these things wrote in his Express column…
“Like the other, great tree, wrong species in the wrong place. I have great admiration for the Molong Beautification Committee for its work around town, especially the entrances into town.

The establishment of planting boxes, trees and surrounding kerbs in the main street several years ago was an admirable project.

I am reluctant to forward criticism, however the selection of Liquidambar as their street tree has two major problems. Liquidambar can grow to a height of 50 m, with a root system to match. They are renowned for seeking water, targeting pipes containing sewer and town water, and have large feeder roots hat expand and lift kerbs, footpaths, roadways and foundations.

A more immediate danger however is their reputation for causing falls, especially but not only to the elderly.
A few years ago, a similar row of liquidambar in front of the local RSL Club were removed due to patrons slipping on their hard golf ball sized seed pods. These are produced in profusion, drop to the ground over a long period in winter and wait on the hard surface for the unwary to alight from their vehicle and put a foot wrong. As a member of the hardworking team of town maintenance staff on Council a few years ago, I suggested an appropriate transplant of these trees to a suitable location. It needs to be done this winter before they become larger, help with machinery and staff from Council will be required, and I will donate my horticultural skills to this task.

Be wary, I would be very disturbed to hear of someone having a serious fall and injury as a result of this problem.
Council paid a lot of money for consultants to ‘enhance the main street’. What’s been done to date sits ok with me, but I have a better plan with suitable species for the rest once the existing trees are transplanted to a more suitable location. Interested?” (Les Dean 2010).
Well, maybe this time.

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