Molong parents keen to see more facilities for families

David and Juarna Barnard are keen to see more family and youth facilities in town. Moving to Molong from Perth WA a couple of years ago – the Barnards have seen and used large entertainment centres and facilities built for families and youth.

“We understand why cities like Perth and larger regional centres are chosen by business, developers, councils and state government grants etc.” said David Barnard. “However, some of what we have seen and enjoyed – could happen in Molong – obviously smaller, and less expensive to build.

Numbers wise, I understand that there are some 1,000 school kids living in Molong, district and surrounding small towns of Cabonne. The Hockey fields work, as do the footy and other team sport games in bringing teams and families from Orange etc to Molong. Why can’t entertainment events, facilities for families and youth not achieve the same?” asked David.

Good question David! There is no reason. It just hasn’t been done. Indeed, the Molong Hockey Fields is a really good example of what can be done and achieved in a small town like Molong. What would David and his family and their friends like to see?

“Skateboard Park: The larger bowl (concerningly without gates to keep toddlers out) was built for competition events. We need to run competitions, exhibitions and skills building.
“The smaller area is ideal for kids at beginner levels. Other skateboard parks have something in-between in size, skills levels etc Molong has beginner and advanced – can we have something built to Intermediate level to complete the park?”

“Water activities: The Rec. grounds extend north (opposite the police station and cricket nets) which we understand are used only for the NSW Working Dog Championships – and pre-footy training. Can this area be used in the summer months as some kind of water activity for local families and youth. The Molong Australia Day event has a simple black plastic sheet laid on the ground with a sprinkler system and soap suds which the kids have loads of fun on. Good old fashion fun. There are more sophisticated examples of this kind of summer water activity outcome that could exist on this vacant land” said David.

Last week the Barnard family took themselves off to the Bathurst Winter Festival. There were many low cost activities at that event which could be afforded and successful for family/youth participation in Molong.

What do you think? David and Juarna are keen to talk with other interested parents about what they would like to see in Molong for the benefit of kids and youth … and families. “Whilst we are mindful that there are a number of winter sporting events – and swimming and cricket in the summer months not all kids/youth play sport or take part in competition sports. We have a number of these kids in Molong.There is really not a lot for them … except computer games.
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