Coloured buildings in Bank St

The unfinished paint job on the “Blue Building” in Bank Street continues to prompt readers reactions – including many who think we should be more colourful. Bob Burgess sent in this photo of the former Orange Town Hall, with the accompanying (we suspect tongue in cheek) letter.

” On a recent visit to Orange I noticed a lot of buildings with garish colour schemes which were definitely not “Heritage”, even the old Town Hall hasn’t escaped the despoiling! (Photo enclosed.) I pondered this deviation from good taste – and wondered why such colours were tolerated.

After much deliberation I found these three possibilities: 1. The Orange Council couldn’t care less. Or 2. They don’t have the guidance of an expert in “Heritage” colours that we have in Cabonne. Or 3. Maybe, the council feels that the owners of the buildings have the
right to paint their property in the colour scheme of their choice! Aren’t we lucky we weren’t forced to amalgamate with Orange or we too may have had a bright and colourful main street! ”

In the meantime, as far as the Bank St “blue” building is concerned Cabonne Council at its December meeting approved the Development Application for external repainting of the ground floor facade of 46 Bank Street, subject to the proponent submitting a revised schedule of works for the approval of council’s Heritage Advisor and the proponent providing to council a revised colour scheme appropriate to the
local streetscape and a schedule of works to rectify the unauthorized works (ie appropriate surface preparation, removal of paint, repair of timberwork etc).

It remains to be seen whether a revised colour scheme will be offered.

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