Drought – Council to supply free domestic water

As part of Drought relief measures Cabonne Council will provide access to water for domestic use from the Molong Depot stand-pipe at no charge to rural based families and enterprises.

While recipients are responsible for cartage of the water Council was recently approached by a number of people offering to cart water to drought affected families whose domestic supply has seriously diminished.

In the first instance, the Mayor authorised allocation of water free of charge through the Community Facilitation Fund with 10 deliveries having been made to date.

Freight subsidies are also expected to be available.

This policy will be reviewed after a three-month trial period or should the level of water restrictions for the town water supplies increase.

The current cost of water purchased from council’s stand-pipe at the Molong Depot is $6.20 per kilolitre with average water loads being around 10,000 litres. this would represent a contribution from council of $62 per load.

Council has also received advice that it has been included in the recent extension of the Federal Government drought assistance package. Details of the $1m package are yet to be formally advised.

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