How about one club

The idea keeps being raised … but it seems that no-one is willing to lead what could well be a beneficial change to the tradition of commercial clubs and sporting clubs in Molong.

Across NSW, and Australia  commercial clubs are being challenged by ever-rising operating costs and dwindling numbers of ‘active’ members and volunteers.
Molong is no different. Question is – can future Molong sustain an  RSL Club, Bowling Club, Golf Club and at the same time – try and revive four tennis courts and a clubhouse?

Those managing these clubs (volunteers) must be finding maintaining the assets they have in place – meeting business costs – and encouraging more participation by the wider community – difficult.

Question is – would it be easier to forsake tradition  and come together to figure out the future ahead. Most of all, to talk with members and the wider community about ‘what is best for the club, clubs, members, volunteers, town and district, and the wider community plus future community ‘needs’.
Undoubtedly, a wise community is one which is able to stop, look, talk, listen, plan and be prepared to change. Rather than to struggle on and hope that the cycle will turn.
Consideration should also be given to loyal community members who try very hard to give business to each and every one of their local clubs, sporting clubs etc. With so many – plus the number of small sporting and interest clubs in town to also support – it is difficult – and costly – on personal, family and business budgets to remain loyal to all and support all.
One club representing all would be affordable.
A healthy community is one which is ‘active’. Today, we see tennis courts at East Molong standing, mainly idle. Yet, around Australia and across the world – tennis is still a popular sport. Molong? Not so!

Golf around the world is still a popular sport. Molong? Not so!

Bowls? Still popular but those who bowl are not necessarily supportive of clubhouse activities which keep the greens open and maintained.
Molong is currently researching the gaining of funding to build a heated swimming pool. Where? Possible co-location with existing sporting clubs/commercial club?

Right now, Molong has sports and clubs in different places across the town.

Question is – would there be more healthy community involvement, family involvement, youth involvement, seniors and the disabled involvement, business, ‘health’ involvement – if these clubs i.e. Bowling Club, Tennis Club, Golf Club, RSL Club (add swimming pool) became one – offering one membership to all – and where possible, co-location.

The building of one commercial ‘state of the art’ sporting ‘club’ in town where Molong’s many sporting bodies and interest groups could co-locate makes a lot of sense.

‘One’ club where profits are turned into providing better sporting, health, entertainment facilities, equipment and sponsorship for the benefit of the whole community makes sense.

Thinking caps on – look into the future – a positive future and one based on a changing town’s needs – rather than ‘tradition. “Can’t happen? Yes it can!
Way back in time … Len Roberts and his positive supporters had it right.

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